About Wiegel Tool Works

Since 1941 Wiegel Tool Works has integrated the finest German tooling techniques with exceptional progressive edge technology to achieve one of the most prestigious reputations in the industry. This unique combination allows Wiegel to compete in the international marketplace.Wiegel employs state of the art electronic press monitoring controllers that are coupled with vision systems and sensors, ensuring quality and JIT deliveries that exceed industry standards. Wiegel Tool Works utilizes both Minsters and Bruderer presses ranging from 30 to 450 tons. Over the last 10 years Wiegel has made significant investments in new technology and presses.

Wiegel Tool Works is centrally located to raw material and plating suppliers, allowing for less freight cost and shipment times. This is more important than ever with specialty raw materials and selective precious metal plating requirements. We are able to pass along these savings to our customers while serving the stringent requirements of our customers’ industries. To request additional information click the link below.

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