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Wiegel Tool Works has been creating custom metal stamping components for a wide variety of customers, including those in the residential and commercial construction industries, for over 77 years. Our processes and equipment are designed to be as precise and cost efficient as possible for product runs ranging from initial prototyping (including part design recommendations and tooling needs) through full production runs.

We understand the particular needs of the construction industry and continue to meet their need for components that can withstand a wide variety of environmental and temperature conditions and maintain strength and durability during the manufacturing process and in their final application.

Stamped Parts:

  • Brackets
  • Clips
  • Fuse Boxes
  • Fuse Clips
  • Hose Clamps
  • Heat Sinks
  • Housings
  • Lighting Components
  • Shields
  • Trusses

Assorted Stamped Parts


  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Titanium
  • Platinum

Wiegel Tool Works metal stamping services for the construction and housing industry


Our progressive die heavy stamping services utilizing Minster presses provides maximum efficiency and productivity for numerous market segments, due to our highly experienced personnel and state of the art equipment. Our facility includes an in-house toolroom, allowing us to leverage the ability to produce precision progressive dies for production metal stamping. No matter how complex your requirements or the size of your production run, Wiegel Tool Works will provide the utmost in reliable and cost-efficient components.


What does it take to achieve the production speed needed to get your parts stamped on schedule and on budget? Wiegel Tool Works uses the very latest in camera vision systems and sensor technology coupled with Bruderer presses to expedite even multimillion-part production runs and ensure 100% quality control.


Using the highly customized, state-of-the-art Siemens NX 3D modeling software, our team of engineers at Wiegel Tool Works designs and produces our dies in house for progressive metal stamping production. This ensures both maximum productivity and cost efficiency for our customers’ projects, especially in the reduction of costs typically associated with changes made in the design phase.


Our manufacturing process implements testing of each concept early in the development process. We use the results of this testing to refine and perfect the design and select the most appropriate manufacturing technology. The ability to prototype saves time and money and ensures that we can make the very best parts for our customers and their clients in the construction industry. Wiegel Tool Works is committed to getting your parts and components produced efficiently and flawlessly.


Wiegel Tool Works serves its construction industry clients by providing superior components and assembled products. We provide both in-die assembly and secondary semi-automated assembly services allowing us to join plastic, metal inserts, and a wide variety of hardware components with metal stampings for the unique needs of the construction industry.


Waterjet services have a number of advantages for manufacturing construction industry components. Using waterjet, Wiegel Tool Works can quickly produce highly cost-effective parts without the need for tooling design and production. The waterjet manufacturing process uses 60,000 psi cold water pressure mixed with garnet abrasive to cut parts using almost any material without harming the integrity of the part design or raw material. This manufacturing process is especially appropriate during the prototyping process and for short production runs that don’t require extremely tight tolerances.


Wiegel Tool Works leverages the latest technology to ensure efficient metal stamping processes while achieving a goal of zero defects for our residential and commercial construction industry customers.