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Wiegel Tool Works has been a trusted manufacturer of metal stamped components for over 77 years for both electronics manufacturers and their suppliers. Our metal stamping equipment and processes allow us to produce highly precise metal stampings for the unique needs of the electronics industry.

With a focus on the exacting requirements of the electronics industry, creating metal parts with the tightest tolerance, and ensuring the shortest lead time possible to meet our customer’s needs, our processes and products are known throughout the industry and across the world. Wiegel Tool Works offers services in both primary and secondary operations appropriate for the electronics industry.

Stamped Parts:

  • Inserts
  • Clips
  • Terminals, Contacts and Connectors
  • Sensor Components

Assorted Stamped Parts


  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Titanium
  • Platinum

Wiegel Tool Works metal stamping services for the electronics industry


Wiegel Tool Works is the premier provider of metal stamping services for the electronics industry. With the latest in progressive die high-speed stamping technology and highly trained personnel, our 30 to 90-ton Bruderer presses stamp materials including copper-based alloys, aluminum, and exotic metals, and can run up to 1500 spm. This ensures the ultimate in precision and speed to complete orders up to multimillion part runs across a multitude of industries, including aerospace, appliance, automotive, construction and housing, electronics, electrical equipment, lighting, military, solar, and telecommunications.


Wiegel Tool Works produces metal stamped parts reliably and efficiently with high precision progressive die heavy stamping equipment. Operated by highly skilled and experienced professionals, our 100 to 450-ton Minster presses run at up to 140 spm on conventional presses, up to 250 spm on servo presses, and up to 400 spm on hybrid (adjustable stroke) presses.


Our staff has the knowledge and experience to build sophisticated tools for producing metal stamped components. Using highly specialized Siemens NX 3D modeling software enhanced with our engineers’ own input, our team applies their expertise to both part and tool designs and debugs progressive dies on screen. This means that production errors are greatly reduced while maximizing productivity and cost efficiency.


As part of our commitment to ensuring cost efficiency for our customers, we test each concept early in the development process to perfect the design and select the most appropriate manufacturing technology. This ability to flexibly prototype saves our customers time and money and ensures that we can make the very best parts for our customers and their clients.


With both in-die assembly and secondary semi-automated assembly services, we can join plastic, metal inserts, and a wide variety of hardware components with metal stampings for our electronics industry clients.


Waterjet services produce highly cost-effective parts that are extremely fast to create without the need for tooling design and production. Using 60,000 psi cold water pressure mixed with granite abrasive, parts can be manufactured quickly from almost any material without harming the integrity of the part design or manufacturing material. This is especially useful when prototyping a new design or for short production runs without the need for tight tolerances.


Wiegel Tool Works leverages the latest technology to ensure efficient metal stamping processes while achieving a goal of zero defects for all our customers, especially those in the highly precise electronics industry.