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Five Legacy Leaders Show Us How It’s Done


How does a newly minted company president triple revenue, increase margins, reduce inventories and lower risk—all within six years? Ask Aaron Wiegel, who has racked up such achievements at Wiegel Tool Works, Inc. (WTW) since 2010.

For the next generation ready to lead a legacy business, the situation can be fraught with challenges. Their leadership transitions differ from the usual handover of power. Issues that arise must be resolved within the family—and within a business that is usually seen as an extension of that family.

These legacy leaders highlighted here reference similar experiences growing successful companies. Scaling beyond the team in place since the founding. Preserving a culture that makes the business unique. Adding new capabilities and incorporating technology to meet customers’ evolving needs. And keeping their heritage alive while looking toward the future.

Each of these manufacturers faced significant obstacles, and that just makes their immense achievements all the more inspiring.

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