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Multi-Slide and Four-Slide Metal Forming and Stamping Services

Get complex geometric parts with tight tolerances produced with the most advanced and efficient metal forming technology on the market, all while eliminating costs and reducing the need for secondary services.

Wiegel Tool Works partnered with Italian metal forming manufacturer, M.S.Ambrogio S.p.A to establish MSA-Wiegel N.A., a multi-slide forming and metal stamping manufacturer serving the needs of OEM and tier manufacturers throughout North America, Europe, and South America. The unique partnership between two leading metal stamping manufacturers allows MSA-Wiegel to offer the most compelling metal forming portfolio available to the global market.

MSA-Wiegel provides precision multi-slide stamping services for a wide variety of markets with an aim toward providing customers with the most innovative solutions for the evolving global market. Multi-slide stamping is a sophisticated process in which flat or wire metal is formed by dies moving from different directions and hitting the metal at multiple angles. The multiple slide dies can be programed to run at the same time or sequentially, creating three-dimensional strip, wire-formed, and round-formed parts. This groundbreaking and highly-advanced metal forming technology allows multiple manufacturing processes including stamping, forming, assembly, and welding to be completed in a single operation, which often reduces or eliminates the need for secondary services. Multi-slide metal stamping is particularly useful for the high-speed production of intricate parts with various forms, bends, or coils such as arc chambers, brackets, bushings, cable connectors, electrical contacts and connectors, fasteners, hooks, shielding, springs, terminals, press-fit pins and other complex components used across a variety of industries.

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MSA-Wiegel N.A.

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